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My wife tells me our carpet is over 15 years old. We have a dog, Cavalier King Charles, and though we have pee-pee pads, he misses at times. Carpet stains show through. We had berber, but wife likes a texture carpert from Lowes called Stainmaster Perpetual, model 2416. 20 year warranty and it sowed a BEF nylon 6249. $4.16 a square foot with the premium pad, a 21 pound pad that was 98 cents a square foot, the 8 lbs pad was $89. Anyway, we have a 2600 square foot home, and I estimate 1700 to be carpetable (kitchen has pergo, bathroom and half in tile, entry way has tile). Two adults, pool. Lowes has smartstrand and stainmaster. Perpetual seems to be a medium color tan/khaki, which is many degree darker than what seems to be a very taupe or offwhite berber we are replacing. I read that warranties dont matter as much as how the color is and style. My main concerns are durability and ability to withstand the dog soiling. We dont drink wine, and dont really eat in our dining room, and maybe we spill a diet coke in our living room. I have an insurance claim for leaking in my entry hall and while they are here to do that work (and replace a parquet floor with tile) I can get them to quote me a carpet job. Lowes will send someone over to measure and they will also give free basic installation (and the other stuff, carpet removal, furniture moval they said would run about $580 for 1800 square feet). So if the line in Stainmaster we are looking at is good, great, I can compare apples to apples with the contractor. I am having Empire Carpets come out this week to give us a quote, and we are going to have the contractor send out who he uses so we have three quotes to choose from. I feel that while softness is a desired quality, I have read some posts here today, the day I joined, that say that all carpet is going to feel kinda soft anyway. If anyone has a suggestion to make, I am all ears. I understand the maxim you get what you pay for, but I don't need a Mercedes when a good reliable American car will do, if that makes sense.
Category: Carpet Post By: JAIME RAMSEY (Warren, MI), 02/15/2019

I'm sure others will be along to reply soon, but I just wanted to address this one little thing... memphislawyer said: ? ...they will also give free basic installation (and the other stuff, carpet removal, furniture moval they said would run about $580 for 1800 square feet).Click to expand... You actually believe that? Do you know anyone, anywhere that works for free? Do you work for free? I understand you don't expect a German engineer to come install your flooring (after they move the furniture and take up the old and other stuff), just an American (maybe Central American) will do. But even those installers who have trouble with the English language charge something. Nobody works for free, so why would you believe the Home Depot or anyone else's hype about labor being free - or ridiculously cheap? Okay, so it's not just a little thing for me. I realize a lot of naive consumers fall for this kind of marketing. But a lawyer? A Memphis lawyer? C'mon!

- ANA SANDOVAL (Murfreesboro, TN), 04/02/2019

I know it is factored into the price. Once I get a brand down and then a model or category down (Say textural vs frieze , luxerell vs some other) then I can shop prices and maybe decide which masker better and then whom I feel will make a better installation.

- SIDNEY BLAIR (Athens, GA), 05/11/2019

I do a brisk repair business and I have to add that most of that repair work is generated by Empire, Home depot, and Lowes. Go to CFI - Certified Floorcovering Installers and use the installer search engine to locate a qualified installer. A builder, like the big box-store, uses the cheapest installers available. The cheapest guy keeps his cost in line with the low wage by using the cheapest materials ( seam tape etc, ) and taking every short cut he can. You may save one or several hundred dollars but that won't buy a total replacement when the cheaply done work comes apart. Not if WHEN. Buying a floor is actually buying time. How much time you get out of a floor is inevitably linked to the installation and the quality of materials used to do the installation. Your wife has selected a good carpet. it would be a shame to have it ruined by a shoddy installation. The 20 year warranty will not cover installation error. Yet an installation error could cause the carpet to fail in less than one year. to re-stretch the carpet in your home with furniture and seam replacement will cost about a thousand bucks according to my price list but even if you find somebody to do it cheaper it will still cost more and be disruptive to your home and wife.

- STACEY FLEMING (San Rafael, CA), 05/18/2019

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